Tools and APIs

In the first panel, someone wearing a shirt with the Google logo is standing behind a table, showing what's on the table with his open hands. 'Here are the tools I used to build my services. Here are the APIs and their source code. Come compete and contribute!'. On the table there are tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers, etc., and documents with code on them. In the second panel, same situation, but the person behind the table wears a suit that reads 'Microsoft'. He has one hand in his pocket, the other ooen towards the table. On the table there are a few documents. The guy says 'Here are the APIs for our services. Wanna try and compete'. The third panel shows the same situation, but the table is completely empty, the guy wears a black shirt with an Apple logo and says 'Hello. Huh... Were you looking to buy something?'.

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