Puppet Show

The comic shows a scene with a puppet theater (with a Microsoft logo at the top), in front of a row of empty chairs. Four puppets appear on the puppet stage, one looking like an Android-branded robot, one with a Google-colored tie and a white shirt, another in the form of a Gmail logo with eyes, and the last a female character with a pony tail. The four arms controlling the puppets are quite visible. Panel 1: the Android puppet says 'Droid rage!! Aaahh!', the character with the Google tie says: 'I'm the evil Google Apps!'. Panel 2: The Gmail puppet says 'I'm the Gmail man, mwahahaaaa!' and the last puppet says 'On no!! I've been scroogled!'. A guy wearing a green top appears to the left of the puppet theater and says '?'. Panel 3: the guy who has just appeared says 'Have you guys ever thought about using your time and money to make your own products better instead?'. Panel 4: the two heads of the puppeteers move up slightly, we can see their eyes, looking at the guy. Everyone is silent. Panel 5: the guy walks away, the first puppeteer says 'Wait, you can do that?', the second puppeteer says 'Actually, we can't. All the best engineers are going to other companies. Bashing is all we have left.'

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