Means of Communication

Panel 1: a man is sitting in front of his computer, wearing headphones, facing the left of the panel. He's typing: 'Hey, would you have a few minutes to discuss the project requirements?' Panel 2: a woman is sitting at her computer, in a position exactly symmetrical from the man, facing right, also wearing headphones. She types: 'Sure! By chat?' Panel 3: the man again, 'Typing is cumbersome... Video chat? Or a hangout? Unless...' Panel 4: the woman again, 'Oh. Wait, you mean... We actually...'. Panel 5: the last panel is twice as large as the previous panels, and shows both the man and the woman. Both have just flipped to face each other and removed their headphones. The man says: 'Yeah, I guess this could work too...' 'So...'

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