Making Of

Like many ideas, most of the drawings start as scribbles on a notebook:


My tools and setup are extremely simple. Since I travel a fair bit, I can’t afford to get used to fancy things like a special (inclined) drawing table. I use white paper (usually plain print paper), a pencil for sketching, a small ruler, and for inking, either a paintbrush and black ink or, more commonly, a special paintbrush-like pen (more convenient to carry around, no time needed to rinse and clean the brush).

(I do sometimes use an eraser, but I didn’t show that, hoping that you guys will believe I am so awesome I never make a single mistake in my sketches). I start by sketching with the pencil, sometimes after having drawn a frame with ink:

Once I’m happy with the sketch, I do the inking:

That’s it for the paper (and most important) part. These drawings will end up in an envelope addressed to the author of the best comment on the drawing (on social networks) or the person who contributed the most to the drawing being shared on the web. That way I don’t have to carry all that paper around, and hopefully it can make some more people happy! For my part, I only keep the scanned image. I scan at the maximum resolution I can find (usually 600 dpi):

I then do the coloring on a computer, using a tablet (I do need to carry that around):

Here’s a video showing the whole coloring process for this drawing (sped up to fit in 5 minutes!). I do everything with GIMP (open source image editing tool):

The final drawing is then ready for posting!