Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Silicon Valley

The header reads 'The hitchhiker's guide to the Silicon Valley' and has four panels. The first panel's header reads 'How to recognize a Google employee? This is one is easy as there are many clues'. Below is a standing guy with a red t-shirt, bright blue pants and green shoes. Some labels are pointing to various parts oh his body. 'Bad taste primary colors clothing' pointing to his red t-shirt. ''Too confidential for you' kind of look' pointing to his eyes. 'Forgot to take his badge off since he basically lives in the Google office' pointing to his Google badge on his belt. 'Google fifteen' pointing to his big belly. The second panel's header reads 'How about a couple of Microsoft employees visiting from Seattle? Just sneak up behind them.' Below are two guys in dark suits, shaking hands and smiling, each one of them hiding a big knife behind their back. The third panel's header reads 'For Facebook employees, you'll have to ask them for a business card'. Below is a hand holding a business card, with the Facebook logo, 'Paul Garland', Facebook's address, and 'I'm software engineer, BITCH!'. A label that reads 'Distinctive sign' points to the word 'Bitch'. THe last panel's header reads 'Apple employees are harder to spot but still have a few distinctive signs'. Below is a girl with a ponytail, a blue t-shirt and dark blue skirts, holding a red book in her right hand, and a handbag on the other side. A label that reads 'shininess' points to her eyes, the top of her t-shirt, the top of her skirt and her shoes which all have a shiny look like Apple products on most advertisements. A 'Sexy' label points to her t-shirt's cleavage. A label that reads 'The book of Jobs' points to the book. Something like a badge sticks out of her hand bag, and a label points to it reading 'Police officer badge, just in case a coworker loses his iPhone prototype'.

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