Google Reads your Email

The comic shows a man wearing a red long-sleeved top and jeans, standing a speaking alone. Panel 1 (the character is visible in full, his hands are facing the ceiling): 'Not counting spam, about 50 billion emails are sent every day [drawing of lots of envelopes]. Let's say about one in ten of those is read on Gmail. That's 5 billion. [drawing of a Gmail-styled envelope]'. Panel 2 (slightly closer, the characters is visible from head to waist): 'Now let's say that it takes a well trained Googler a couple of minutes, on average, to read through each of these emails and to choose the best ads to place on the right. Round that to 100 seconds. That's a total of 500 billion seconds per day.' Panel 3 (slightly closer yet, the character's head and the top of his torso are visible, he is frowning on one eye only): 'If we assume a really hard-working Googler works 50 thousand seconds per day (about 14 hours), then we need at least 10 millions email-reading Googlers.' 'But as of today, Google only employs about 30 thousand people...' 'So...' Panel 4 (even closer, only the character's face is visible, his mouth is wide open and he is raising his fist into the air): 'This proves that not only Google reads your email but they have a WHOLE SECRET COUNTRY full of employees doing it!!!'

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