Cost of Motorola

This comic is mostly textual, with a few very small drawings that illustrate the words but add no extra meaning. Here is what the text reads. Last week, Google finalized its acquisition of Motorola for 13 billion US dollars. The same amount could be used to: * Hire 5000 software engineers for 10 years. * Fund Wikipedia until 2500. * Educate 100 000 physicians in developed countries. * Take a pretty good shot at saving Venice. Buy unlimited subscriptions to the Louvre museum for 200 000 extraterrestrial aliens for 1000 years. * Buy the Sunflowers, by Van Gogh, 160 times over. * Stop AIDS propagation in Africa by buying a condom per day for all its pubescent males for 5 years. * Prevent all children in the world from dying of starvation for 10 years. -- Let's all give a big round of applause to the US patent system.

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