The comic has 8 panels, all featuring the same character, sitting in front of a computer, his left hand on a keyboard, right hand on a mouse, and looking at the screen. Panel 1: the header reads '2001'. A constant stream of dozens of 'click click click' is coming from the mouse. Panel 2: same scene, still clicking. Panel 3: the headers reads '2012'. The character hasn't moved, he's wearing a read t-shirt instead of a blue t-shirt, his hair has grown a bit, but he's still clicking at the same incredibly high rate. Panel 4: same scene, still clicking all the time. Panel 5: still clicking, but he answers his cell phone, 'Hello?'. Panel 6: same stream of clicks, the character says: 'Yeah, playing 'Diablo III' after many years of playing 'Diablo II'.' Panel 7: same constant clicking, the character is silent, listening to his phone. Last panel: still clicking, the character says: 'Oh, incomparable'.

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