Panel 1: a light blue sky, with a sun and a couple of clouds. Panel 2: the same sky, but a cow is flying through it, upside down, yelling 'Mmmmooooooo'. Panel 3: the same sky again, with nothing else. Panel 4: the same sky, this time with a pig flying by, 'Oink! OINK!'. Panel 5: same scene, with a sheep, upside down, 'BbaaaaaaAA'. Panel 6: same, with a camel, 'Gggrrrumph!'. Panel 7: a man and a woman are standing inside the Angry Birds game screen, right behind the sligshot. On the right, the usual green-colored pigs under some glass protection. The man says: 'Too far, again! I wonder what other animal would work...'

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